P Family | Delafield Wisconsin Family Photographer | Ice Age Trail

I'm not going to lie. Little Ella was not feeling me during this family session. I wish I could say that she wasn't feeling the camera, but I secretly think it was me (ha!). Like any photographer determined to get the family Christmas card shot, though, I refused to be deterred! It took some of my best tricks, but I did manage to coax a smile or two out of her and this ended up being one of my favorite family sessions of the season. There's a soft, natural feel to the kids' interaction and I loved just letting them do what they want without being too intrusive. They explored nature, ate some Teddy Grahams and just enjoyed being outside during an unseasonably warm November evening. This session is an example of why I always tell parents not to worry if their children aren't hamming it up for the camera or seeming to cooperate. These real and natural moments are the ones that they'll look back on and remember what life was like when their kids were little.