Marshmallow & Cocoa Session | Delafield WI Family Childrens Photographer

Every year I do a portrait session with my kids for our family holiday card.  However, this past year I decided that I didn't want to make them smile for the camera or do anything posed.  I simply wanted to capture them doing something they enjoy doing and document the story as it naturally unfolded.  One of their favorite things to do during the fall and winter is to roast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate.  So, one unseasonably warm November afternoon as the sun was going down, my husband made a fire in the field behind our house (with a bucket of water close by, of course!), gave them a basket full of their favorite fixins and just let them have some fun.  They blew out marshmallow torches, nibbled on candy canes, sipped cocoa and most importantly, just enjoyed being themselves (without having mom direct them).