Downtown Milwaukee Best Friends Session | Milwaukee Photographer

I love so many things about this session - particularly the bond between these four girls.  They are not just friends, they call each other "framily". They met in 2005 while living and working in downtown Milwaukee and have been there for each other ever since.  In their 11 years of sisterhood, they have been through new jobs, new cities, marriages, divorces, babies, loss of loved ones and everything in between.  Because of their busy lives and schedules, they may not see each other as often as when they were living it up in their 20s, but whenever they do get together, they pickup right where they left off.  They started with wine and ended up at the place where they all met - The Milwaukee Athletic Club.  (The Milwaukee Fire Department even made a cameo!) The session was filled with laughter, reminiscing and talks about plans for the summer and it couldn't have been more fun for them - and me!